Two lives coming together as one… two families uniting in a celebration of love… The perfect wedding day is all about twos, so here at Hotel Saramati, we have two gorgeous Banquet Halls, each with its own distinct set of charms. Our wedding halls are beautifully preserved classical setting with an elegant modern flair. 

Weddings today are no longer just about the ceremony and pleasing guests attending the festivities. Modern couples are looking for ways to make it more special for their spouse-to-be and those in attendance by keeping the celebration as close and intimate as possible.

Moving away from the four walled indoor spaces or AC banquet halls, most couples now prefer to take their wedding celebration outdoors,  for that glamorous, chic and effortless mood. Open space wedding venues are becoming a top choice for many soon-to-wed couples who’re looking for unconventional and elegant ways of celebrating their wedding festivities. In-fact,a wedding doesn’t have to be expensive to be memorable.So,Let the dream you wished for come true in our wide open space area-viewing the front facade of the  hotel @ a just affordable budget  .

Occasionally, we have the honor to be chosen as the wedding pick-up destination (where you come and pick-up the groom or bride before heading to the wedding hall). We are not only glad with our customers’ happiness but also excited to be part of the event.

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